Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who wants chocolate pudding for breakfast?

Well, I can tell you that got a very excited response in my house. However, it was soon followed by a "this must be raw isn’t it"... which didn’t have the same exciting ring to it.

I can proudly say that two of my children enjoy a healthy lifestyle, at least food wise, one is a meat and potatoes type, and the other is a sugar junkie. As long as they have an open mind and are willing to try new things, I am proud of all of them. My chocolate and banana pudding was eaten by two and tried by two. A mother couldn’t ask for more.

I have every-other weekend "free" (the children are at their father’s house), so I enjoy trying new raw food recipes during those times. I recently ordered recipe books from Kristen’s site. I am looking forward to an experimental weekend in the near future to try some of her recipes. It has been an uphill battle getting back to raw, but one worth striving for.