Monday, June 28, 2010

Karen Knowler LIVE!!!

If you struggle with sticking to raw, you are going to LOVE this!

Karen Knowler's The Journey of Raw Transformation:

"The 7 Key Secrets to ULTIMATE Raw Success That You Absolutely Need to Know"

Don't miss out... I always get extremely inspired by Karen's teleseminars. This is the first one she has done in a while, so sign up today. Even if you can't make the call live, the teleseminar is available in a recorded version immediately after the call has ended.

I will be curling up with a nice smoothie by my computer tomorrow night to listen to the recorded call, hope you can join me :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Never enough time....

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with life? We all have. There is the kids, the laundry, the overtime at work, the groceries, the cleaning, the driving, the “non-cooking”... the list goes on and on.

I have to admit, I’ve always been one to put myself last. I think that is the definition of a mother. Although there are different needs with teenagers versus babies, or any other ages, I find myself just as busy, but just in different ways.

My life has evolved over the years; from the stay at home mom with a two year old and three in diapers, to the part-time working mom with every other day off to volunteer at the school, to the single working mom of four teenagers. At each stage of motherhood, I have found my joys and my challenges, but the nice thing for me, is somehow when I look back, the joys far out weigh the challenges.

The biggest challenge that I find in my life at this moment is finding time for me. Being a single mom, there is no one around to share in the car pooling, sporting events, school meetings, driving to friends houses, etc. Please don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my life for anything, but somehow doing all of this on your own, I think that sometimes “I” get lost in the shuffle.

The odd time that their father takes them for the night (he lives out of town), I find myself with more on my “to-do” list than physically possible. They are all of the “for me” things that I want to get to, but never have time. My list would consist of “trip to the farmers market, start that book I just bought, pull out the dehydrator and “cook” for the day”. But the simplest pleasure on these days is to fill up a bubbly bath, and soak in there until the water goes cold :)

It seems to be a challenge at best to work “me” time in.

There are a few things that I have on my “to do” list at the moment. The first is the WISH Summit, starting on March 8th. There are so many inspirational people lined up, I will make a list of my favourite, and make sure to listen to those calls. If you have never signed up for an event like this before, I strongly suggest that you do. The benefits are amazing. This event is free to register before March 8th.

And speaking of Inspirational people, the top of my list right now is Terilyn. Please check out her latest video. This gal is truly an inspiration to us all. One of the things that I am thankful for in life, is the “online” friends that you develop along the way. There are a few people that I am happy I can call “online friends”, if that is politically correct - hmm, think they are real or imaginary friends? Terilyn is also offering a free give away on her website, who can resist that???

I think that maybe someday, “meeting my online friends” would be a great thing to put on my “to do” list :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to Basics...

Sorry Tim, but I have to admit, nothing beats a mason jar to carry around my green smoothie in my books :)

I have even made it an adventure to find unique and antique mason jars. I remember years ago, my mother buying me one for my birthday because it had my year of birth on it. Haven’t gotten out to quite as many antique or flea markets as I would like to, but the nicer weather is coming :)

I’ve met a woman in the area that makes and sells raw food, and her website inspired my cupboards as well (although I have to admit, mine are still a work in progress). You should check out the photos! Now if I could only find someone to put up the old rustic shelves for me I’d be all set!!!

I had a panic day the other morning; upon waking, I noticed that there were no bananas for my green smoothie! Guess I’ve inspired a few smoothie makers in my household. Uh oh, what was I going to do? I am becoming accustom to my breakie of choice. I guess maybe I am an extremist, I packed up my blender and off I went to work, stopping only long enough to pick up pineapple, bananas and spinach at the grocery store. I must admit that I forgot a mason jar at home to keep at the office, and contemplated going back just for one (strike two for extremist, or maybe that is just anal) :)

So, the day was saved, I now am the proud owner of two blenders; one at home and one at the office. The girls at work are getting quite used to me carrying around mason jars, so the addition of a blender full of green goop to the office kitchen really wasn’t much of a surprise. Just call me Vicky ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If Mr. Horton only knew....

If Mr. Horton only knew that his insulated mug was being used for a cup full of goodness I wonder what he would think?

I know that in the times of the great hockey legend, a green smoothie had never been heard of. Mr. Horton will forever go down in history as a coffee, timbit and donut guy, at least by my generation. The former generation of Canadians will no doubt remember him for his hockey career, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for me, I'm not quite that old :)

My day usually begins with a mason jar full of greens or a coffee from Tim Hortons; unfortunately lately it has been the java in my mug. I remember when I first introduced green smoothies many years ago, the immediate results I noticed were incredible. I'm not sure if this is because my diet was lacking at the time, or maybe it is because I continually include greens in my diet now, but just like everything else, your body becomes accustom to what it puts in (good or bad) and we don't feel the results/consequences of our actions as well.

One thing I have always been grateful for, is that I can take or leave coffee. I do enjoy it, but when I stop drinking coffee, I don't get any of the usual side effects of the withdrawal. Maybe this is because I am replacing my morning drink with a green smoothie instead.

Today I am embarking on a green smoothie mission. I have to admit I love my green smoothies. I am not much of a reader, but if you have not yet read Green for Life I strongly suggest that you do. It just may change your attitude on your morning beverage. My mission is to start every morning with a green smoothie, and bring as many people along for the ride as I can :)

Today's smoothie is simple, a couple of bananas, some strawberries and a few dates in a blender, and then add the spinach.

I honestly believe that nothing can replace the ease and benefits of a green smoothie in the morning. Come join me on my adventure.... try and replace your morning coffee with a green smoothie, I would love to know how you do. Maybe even Mr. Horton would approve of the switch, although I'm sure the franchise would beg to differ :)