Friday, August 12, 2011

Live on Juice

I have been away for way too long :( I promise to update you on where I am at, what I am doing and where I have been.

In the meantime, I will be attempting a 30 day Juice feast and I am hoping to document it along the way.... so, here some preparation:

I have been bringing a collapsible cooler to work this week. I bought it last year when I was juicing a lot, but forgot about it until I cleaned out my garage this weekend :) I'm sure I didn't pay any more than $10 for it! It is nice and light weight to take to work!

It easily stores enough greens and fresh ingredients to make possibly three 32 oz mason jars of green goodness. I have been bringing enough to make two juices this week. I am also fortunate to have brought an old juicer of mine to work, so I can make fresh juice daily..... two meals replaced this week, and hopefully three next week :)

And the front pocket is great for all my loose leaf teas that I will also be enjoying on this feast (caffine free) :)

Please keep in touch and cheer me on...