Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If Mr. Horton only knew....

If Mr. Horton only knew that his insulated mug was being used for a cup full of goodness I wonder what he would think?

I know that in the times of the great hockey legend, a green smoothie had never been heard of. Mr. Horton will forever go down in history as a coffee, timbit and donut guy, at least by my generation. The former generation of Canadians will no doubt remember him for his hockey career, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for me, I'm not quite that old :)

My day usually begins with a mason jar full of greens or a coffee from Tim Hortons; unfortunately lately it has been the java in my mug. I remember when I first introduced green smoothies many years ago, the immediate results I noticed were incredible. I'm not sure if this is because my diet was lacking at the time, or maybe it is because I continually include greens in my diet now, but just like everything else, your body becomes accustom to what it puts in (good or bad) and we don't feel the results/consequences of our actions as well.

One thing I have always been grateful for, is that I can take or leave coffee. I do enjoy it, but when I stop drinking coffee, I don't get any of the usual side effects of the withdrawal. Maybe this is because I am replacing my morning drink with a green smoothie instead.

Today I am embarking on a green smoothie mission. I have to admit I love my green smoothies. I am not much of a reader, but if you have not yet read Green for Life I strongly suggest that you do. It just may change your attitude on your morning beverage. My mission is to start every morning with a green smoothie, and bring as many people along for the ride as I can :)

Today's smoothie is simple, a couple of bananas, some strawberries and a few dates in a blender, and then add the spinach.

I honestly believe that nothing can replace the ease and benefits of a green smoothie in the morning. Come join me on my adventure.... try and replace your morning coffee with a green smoothie, I would love to know how you do. Maybe even Mr. Horton would approve of the switch, although I'm sure the franchise would beg to differ :)