Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have to stop shopping :(

Well, at least for clothing, and that is not a bad thing :o)

Quick update: I'm enjoying my lemonade still!!! I bring two jugs to work with me everyday, and enjoy one glass at home before I leave the house. I am enjoying a raw vegan dinner every night, and even some fresh fruit after 3:00 at work if I feel hungry (which I do in most cases)....

I did make one GREAT purchase lately. I took part in a survey at work a few weeks back, and was sent a gift certificate to Chapters. I, of course, bought the book attached to that link, which I have had my eye on for quite some time! Dinners in my house have been pretty tasty lately!

Oh yes, but the reason that I have to halt my clothes shopping, the two new pairs of jeans that I bought on the March break with my kids (March 17th) are now too loose. PS - they were "snug" when I bought them, but I wasn't about to go up a size. GO ME!!!!!
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