Friday, March 27, 2009

This has been a very interesting week!

I am still on a modified Master cleanse. I didn't think I could go the week with preparing meals for my kids and not eating myself, that seemed a bit torturous for me. I decided to "Cleanse" during the day, and enjoy an evening meal with my girls each night. This process worked really well. I am still "detoxing" (probably at a slower rate) and I'm still shedding pounds. Although, funny thing about detoxing, my daughter asked me last night if I was "letting myself go" from the new facial spots (I don't think I've had this much acne since I was a teenager!). I guess in a matter of speaking, I am "letting things go"... :o) I have to say that I really look forward to that first glass of lemonade in the morning; somehow there is a refreshing feeling to it. I'm not entirely sure what I am going to do over the weekend, but I am sure that next week from Monday to Friday I will be on the same path. I think I will try the full cleanse when I don't have the children for 7-10 days in the summer.

Some times I really like "Crazy people". There was a few incidents in a near by town where someone had into at the grocery store. Well, they weren't exactly lunch meat packages I guess, but the news reports on the radio were saying they were. My children have never been big "sandwich" eaters, but this week, we tried a new tactic to replace the lunch box sandwich.... fruit. Now, they always get fruit in their lunches, but this fruit came with a twist, it was the main focal point of the lunch, so it was a fruit salad, or dehydrated apple sandwiches or chopped apples in cinnamon. So far, no complaints. I think this will be a continuing trend in my house, just hope the creativity keeps up on my part.

I have also successfully eliminated Milk this week... the cheese is still there... baby steps right? But I replaced the regular cows milk with a commercial Almond Milk. Eventually I hope to make nut milk that will be the main form of milk in my house, but I haven't gotten there yet... baby steps for me too.

Have a safe and happy weekend.... I'm out of Maple Syrup and have to make another trip to my favourite store!
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