Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Generation of Sugar Junkies!

My little girl Laurenne on her first birthday.

Why is it that probably 99% of all parents pose their children on their first birthday, with a piece of cake infront of them, and watch as they dive in to the sugar? I have similar pictures of all my children on their first birthdays, or at christmas with a candy cane, or easter with chocolate all over them and even halloween with buckets of candy!

We are trusted with the lives of these tiny little souls and we turn them into sugar junkies. I commend the mothers who start their children out on the right path. They are miles ahead of some. I remember my sister Robin never feeding her children white bread, sugar, red dye, etc. and how we all thought that was pretty strange, not to feed your children candy! She still tells the story to this day of how one of her children went to grandmas, had a sandwich, and was so shocked by the taste of the white bread that they thought they were eating cake!

One of the hardest things that I have to overcome at this new lifestyle, is the eating habits of my children. I constantly feel like I am fighting an inner battle. I know the benefits of a raw diet, and I'm still buying them cereal on grocery day. I want them to obtain a healthier lifestyle, but I want them to chose it on their terms. I want them to see the benefits of my diet, and all the good that comes along with it, and I want them to want it for themselves.

Motherhood may not come with a book, but I do know that nothing that is forced is accepted well, nor will it become a lasting habit. That is my dilema. I do have control over what my children eat (to a certain extent) because I do the grocery shopping and I prepare the meals. Maybe my turmoil comes from the belief that children need (eek, dare I say) milk for growing bones and animal protein to build strong foundations (okay, now that it is out, I feel better). There is a stigma attached to children and nutrition, and although I'm not the world's perfect mother, somedays I like to think that I am. I do not want to do something so radical to their health without fully exploring and making sure that it is the right path for them.

I think that the longer I stay on my journey, both things will happen; they will see the benefits and want to add more raw foods to their diets (which is already happening to some extent), and I will know in my heart of hearts that a raw food diet is superior, for me and for them as well.

For today, I am making the conscious decision to remove all sugar laden cereals, school snacks and remaining junk food from our home (most of it has gone already in the past few years). January 1st is a new year and a new beginning. I may not be able to control their diet 100%, but I can lead them down the garden path, filled with fresh fruits and fresh veggies!


anonymous said...

Beautiful family! Great post that many of us can relate to. Removing the sugar from your family's daily diet is an amazing first step! I know what you mean about milk, but remember that greens like broccoli and others have plenty of calcium and in a more digestible form. Also, studies show that vegans have lighter but stronger bones than people who drink milk. If you want to try an alternative that is more digestion friendly, perhaps you might want to try goat's milk - which at the very least does not include the hormones and antibiotics found in grocery store milk. It can all feel so overwhelming at times! Just remember that each positive choice you make is a step in the right direction and there is nothing wrong with doing these things gradually and judging the results as you go! You have a great attitude and you are wise not to shock your kids with too many simultaneous changes!

Amy - The Raw Divas

qtmom said...

Kathy, have I repeated that "mmm, cake!" story so many times over the past 10 years? haha! I can imagine how hard it is to make changes...it was always hard for me to have my children live sugar-free in this world. Not a whole lot of support out there, so it makes me feel good that you always seemed to understand my point. I like having something in common with you :) although, it seems we have a lot in common when I think of it ;)

love Robin :)