Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Sugar Addict

I have once again become a sugar addict. It is amazing to me how after one little bit of refined sugar I become a green-eyed out of control monster! If I avoid sugar for a few days, then I am fine, and I can resist the sugary-treats that are around almost everywhere this time of year. Unfortunately, over the Christmas season, I have indulge in one or two (okay, who am I kidding!) shortbreads and fruit cake (yes, I am one of those odd individuals who actually likes fruit cake).

My body actually craves sugar these days. I think about where I am going to get my next sugar "hit". I find that it is a stronger craving than I have had in the past. I would assume that this is because of my total removal of refined sugar from my diet lately. I have had similar cravings to carbs in the past also, but I would venture to say, that maybe it was the sugar in the carbs that I craved as well.

A sugar addiction is a pretty common occurrence. Almost all foods on the supermarket shelves and all restaurant foods contain sugar. I think that the major food manufacturers also realize that there is a sugar addiction in the population. Sugar can be found in breakfast foods (yogurt, cereal, jams), at lunch time (salad dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise, bread) and dinner (pizza, pasta, sauces). Even some frozen fruits in the grocery store are frozen with sugar added! That is why I have started freezing my own fruit for smoothies.

Our body's reaction to sweets is one that was important once upon a time, it showed us what foods were good to eat (sweet) from the ones that were bad to eat (bitter), and it served as a survival mechanism. Today, however, the sugar junkie is long past that.

Sugar is a real addiction. It causes moodiness and withdrawal when it is not consumed on a regular basis. Maybe that is why my son Ben got so mad at me and said he would never eat breakfast again unless he got his corn-pops and fruit-loops.

Here is a good article on sugar addiction.

I will be glad when this holiday season is over, only a few more days to go. I love holidays with family and friends, don't get me wrong, but I want to conquer the sugar beast! I know I can do it, I have done it in the past. I find that smoothies help beat the cravings. They are always so sweet and tasty, and feel like a "treat" during the day. I think that there will be a lot of smoothie experiments in the next few days in my house. Here is today's creation:

Chocolate Mint Smoothies

4 Bananas
12 Mint Leaves
¼ cup Raw Carob Powder
2 tablespoons Raw Carob Nibs (ground)
2 cups water
2 cups ice chips

Mix all ingredients in mixer. Ground Carob Nibs in Coffee Grinder. Add to smoothie. Garnish with Mint leaf.
So, with a belly full of chocolate-mint smoothie, I am looking forward to the start of a new year "sugar free".


shannonmarie said...

Green smoothies will help you conquer the sugar beast. You can even add some greens to that smoothie you posted. I do that all the time. It tastes even better with an orange and some spice (strange, I know).

Whenever I get a sugar craving, I just make a raw version of that treat. Try it; it works :-)

Kristen's Raw said...

Chocolate Mint Smoothie....YUM!!! Sounds sooooo good.

Happy New Year!

Kristen's Raw

Keely said...

Happy Raw Year!!!

Your smoothies look yummy.