Monday, December 17, 2007

Green Smoothie Queen....

... okay, this is the first day of the three-day Green Smoothie Challenge by The Raw Divas. The challenge is to increase the number of green-smoothies into your diet. You can just add a green smoothie to your existing diet or replace one or all of your meals with green smoothies. A few of the participants that have signed up, are replacing all three meals with green smoothies for the next couple of days.

Figure that I have made some pretty significant changes to my diet in the last few weeks, and I have even introduced green smoothies into my diet the past week, so to fully challenge myself (and to hopefully see the full potential of a green smoothie) I have opted to replace all three meals, for the next three days, with green smoothies. Now, just hope I don't spill any of my meals on my shirt, otherwise I might be known as exorcist girl!!!

I did the weigh-in this morning so I will know how much I will lose in the next few days. I made myself a chocolate-mint smoothie. I liked the fresh taste of the mint leaves in the smoothie, the kids, however, turned up their noses!

Everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to the consistency of a smoothie. Some like a thick, pudding like smoothie, others like a thin, juice like smoothie. I like mine somewhere in the middle. I like my smoothie to be like a milkshake. I like it cold, with an icy consistency. Therefore, it will be a challenge to replace all three meals for three days. Breakfast is no problem. I make my lunch smoothie in the morning, and by lunch, it is more of a juice consistency. Dinner, I can make it icy-cold again in my smoothie maker!

I am looking forward to this three day smoothie adventure, with the promise of a more intense "green" program from the divas in the new year.

So, in this winter-wonderland of white, I'm a green girl today....


Keely said...

Two green smoothies down... one to go, for me, that is!!! [grin]

I'm replacing all meals with green smoothies, too. The challenge part for me is not doing the smoothies, which are often all I eat. My challenge is staying away from the food at the holiday party tonight! I am going loaded with a big diva jug of green goodness, though!!! ;)

shannonmarie said...

Good luck with your smoothie challenge. I drink them everyday and feel lost without them.

I like mine thick like a shake, too. Unfortunately, it is cold this time of year, and I wonder why I am freezing inside and out after I down one. I find that adding some cayenne pepper helps.