Friday, December 7, 2007

Its a Green Smoothie Day!

Yesterday, I woke up extra early, guess I had a lot on my mind. I made a kiwi/celery smoothie recipe that I came across in my Green for Life book. I soaked in a nice hot tub one night this week, and dove into that book, had a hard time putting it down, and was quite a prune when I got out.

The kids were a little disappointed that their regular fruit smoothie wasn't there. I have to confess that the green smoothie wasn't as delicious as I had imagined it would be. Think the recipe needs some tweaking, celery isn't quite the taste I'm looking for at breakfast time. I think that I am on the hunt for the perfect green-smoothie recipe! This morning, I returned to the old banana/pineapple favorite!

My lunch on the other hand was wonderful! I had a salad that consisted of tomatoes, kiwi and red onions. It was topped with a dressing found on The Raw Diva website. This was a nice change from the spinach/lettuce salads that I am used too.

I hope to get into the kitchen this weekend, and do some "non-baking". I will be decking the halls and trimming the tree with the kiddos, and this festive task always involves, Bing Crosby and home baked cookies. Decking will be a little different this year. If I have great success in the kitchen, I will be sure to post the recipes, along with photos next week.

I have completed over 21 days raw. They say that 21 days is what you need to successfully implement a new habit/change. I feel confident that I am enjoying this journey that I am on, and with some implementing and changes (mostly to my children's diet), I think this will be a road that I continue to walk.

I don't want to force my children to be raw, I wouldn't want to force anyone to do anything, because I believe that forcing someone to do something, is never good. HOWEVER, I don't know how much longer I can accept the sugar laden cereals, and the sticky school snacks around the house. The days of the sugar addicts might be numbered! Read 'em and weep kids (but just remember, I'm doing this for your own good!)

Special Note: This week I made the "Ultimate List of Raw Food Blogs" at Raw Food Right Now, Raw Food in the Real World! That is quite an honour!