Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Turning over a new leaf....

A New Year and a new beginning. I love New Years. Doesn't matter what has happened in the past, there is always a "fresh start". This New Years, we woke in Ontario to a fresh blanket of snow, making everything new again! Something about fresh fallen snow that also adds to the "newness" of the season.

I have successfully vanished the sugar cereals from our breakfast table since New Years. Breakfasts have consisted of a variety of "cooked" things for the kids (smoothies for me) since the beginning of the year. It is a new years resolution of mine to begin each day off with the family at the breakfast table. So far this has been easy, because I have been home from work since after Christmas. It may be a bit more difficult to keep up the resolution once I get into my regular work routine, but I think it is important enough to wake up the few minutes earlier, in order to start the day off right with my family.

I have started a smoothie revolution in my family! I got my dad a smoothie maker, together with a big basket of fruit for Christmas (thanks to Heidi's Christmas Ideas) and let him borrow my "Green for Life" book over the holidays. He has been enjoying smoothies since Christmas and enjoyed his first "green" smoothie today. He is going to try and incorporate one litre of green smoothies into his diet daily. My significant other has been increasing the smoothies in his daily diet, and is even having his boys enjoy them for breakfast! My brother-in-law, after listening to my rants about the benefits of green smoothies, has also jumped on the band wagon. They are all asking me for recipes! Wow - can't say anyone has ever wanted my recipes before. My best advice to them when it comes to green smoothies, is to experiment with fruit only first, find a combination that they like, and then add the greens into the mixture. I think that is the easiest approach to a "green smoothie".

I am looking forward to 2008! There is much excitement around the corner, it should be a busy year, but one full of excitement and adventure!