Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Day

Today is the first ever "Family Day" in Ontario. I am anxiously awaiting a fun day with my kids. We are going to turn our basement into "Yoga Central" and spend the day dressed in our yoga gear, doing yoga and pilates, eating healthy and maybe a "spa" activity or two!

Speaking of Yoga, the girls and I had a chance to stop by a Lululemon store this weekend. I was very impressed that the store DOES NOT give out shopping bags! For every purchase, they give you a reusable bag. Of course, the girls needed to buy something so that they could have a "lululemon bag". Think I will have to add this store to my "favorite store" list too! (Its been Jaclyn's favorite for awhile - that is Jaclyn at the top of the blog with her new bag!)

Kristen once again helped me in the kitchen. She reminds me of another Kristen with her headband on. This week we made an "Asian Pear and Cashew Salad" My mom emailed me the recipe, she's the best, she emailed it because "it looks raw to me".

She found it somewhere on the "Oprah and Bob's Best Life Challenge 2008" site. Now, although I didn't sign up for the challenge, I can never turn down a good recipe, and this one was pretty yummy!
Okay, have to go and get ready for "Family Day"...


Kristen's Raw said...

That all sounds like soooo much fun! And I love the doo-rag (that's what we called it where I grew up) :)

Have a great week!