Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Will you be mine, Valentine?

Kristen and I made a nice batch of chocolate covered strawberries for the family to enjoy for breakfast Valentines day morning. I have to confess, the chocolate isn't raw, but it is organic and 85% cacao.

Two of the kids were at a sleep-over at their dad's, the other two were home. My two had a hard time "keeping out" of the treats. I can't wait til tomorrow morning, to enjoy this yummy breakfast with the family! (Hope the girls haven't gotten into them!)

And what do you give a RAWBIE for VALENTINES?!?! Check back tomorrow, and I'll share my Valentines day gift with you - I'm a lucky one, I get mine early too, just like shannonmarie!

Oh, and I can't believe it took me 40 years to figure out what parchment paper is used for, my strawberries had chocolate on all sides - no more chocolate blobs left over on the plate!!!


PS- My dad and mom took the time to read my blog!!!! [blush], seems they think I have "raw" writing talent [hahaha], maybe I missed my true calling!!!! Hmm, better invite them for strawberries, or at least make some for them too, now that they know I have them!!!


Keely said...

Here I am, Kathy! [grin]

Did you know that I was a Godiva Chocolatier up until just over a year ago. Yep... I would have been in the shop dipping hundreds of strawberries starting at 6 AM on Valentine's Day. I would fill the pre-orders first, then make up the rest for those who did not have enough sense to pre-order! [grin] They are only good the day they are dipped, so I had to make them all that day. Boy... it will be nice to sleep in tomorrow!!! [grin]

Kathy said...

Keely!!!! I'm so glad your back... I missed you, hope all is well.... so, were you "good" at your job, or did you eat more than you dipped???

Anonymous said...

Kathy, no dipped strawberries for Dad. Not one of my favorites so you only have to make 1/2 as many as you thought. Good to see Krissy into it

Keely said...

I was very good at my job! So much so, that they are still asking me to come back after more than a year away!!! [grin] I made the cutest dipped strawberry sheep for Easter, and reindeer for Christmas. Leading up to V-day I would make tuxedo berries, but on the actual day, it was all I could do to dip and spin them out at the same rate as the requests were coming in!!!

Kristen said...


Hey mommy i love your blog

shannonmarie said...

Chocolate dipped strawberries. Can't go raw without them.

I know how you feel about having family members read your blog. I get so excited when mine read my posts, too, especially since they're not raw.

Kathy said...

Kristen, so nice of you to comment on Mom's blog! I love you!!!!

Shannon, I agree, having family members read your blog helps them to understand what you are doing and why... mine are not raw either!

Dad, thanks for the comments and for all you do!!! Love you!