Friday, February 22, 2008

When I grow up, I want to drink Green Juice

So, when I grow up, I want to drink Green Juice: When you first start drinking coffee, very often you need to have three cream and three sugars to be able to drink it; and then you slowly wean off the sugar and cream until you can tolerate a more "grown up" coffee (even at the end of my coffee drinking days, I only got as far as two creams and one sugar).

When a person switches to raw food (at least in my case), there is a love affair with fruit. The natural sweetness of the fruit is very satisfying. Another blogger, Darice Michelle is pursuing a "14-day no fruit" diet right now. She too is a fairly new rawbie, and seems to have fallen in the fruit path, much like me. I wish her luck, not sure if I could have a salad for breakfast every day! Heidi, from Raw Food Right Now, also eluded to enjoying the fruit juice over the green juice at the beginning of her Juice Feast.

There are days when I find myself only consuming fruit. Not only is it delicious, I find that it is very easy to "take and go" when I am leaving the house for work in the morning. I know that I have to add more greens to my diet and I also know that my body starts to crave the greens if I have gone without them for very long. It is amazing to me, since becoming raw, how easy it is to "listen" to your body. The food cravings seem to melt away (well, maybe not the chocolate), and you are left having your body tell you what you need. I find that there are times when I love nuts, and can eat them by the handful, then there are other times, when the same nuts taste awful. This is my bodies way of telling me "enough"!

I am TOTALLY LOVING my juicer! Every morning since its arrival, the kids and I have been enjoying a fresh glass of juice in the morning. Experimenting is one of the exciting aspects of a juicer. I will be incorporating more greens into my juices for the Global Juice Feast, but for now, I am being a child, and enjoying all of the excitement and pleasure in a simple fruit juice.

Today, I made a small mason jar of naval oranges, blood oranges and clementines, to take to work with me. I juiced a glass of a naval orange, clementines and an apple for me to enjoy while soaking in the tub this morning (I’m not much of a shower person - I enjoy a nice soak much more). The kids all had a professional activity day, so I had the juice, the kitchen and the bathroom to myself this morning! APPLES AND ORANGES: surprised that the juice makers haven’t come up with that combination yet. It was truly amazing and so simple!

I will be spending the weekend in Toronto. I have packed my ice skates (for Nathan Phillip Square) and my juicer (glad it’s a portable one) to treat Chris to a nice glass of juice tomorrow morning (think I’ll save the zucchini pasta for another time). I’m also very excited because at some point over the weekend, we will be visiting the Live Food Bar, my first trip to a Raw Restaurant. This is a very special Anniversary for us, and I look forward to what the weekend has in store....
Hope your weekend is off to a great start! (Pretty neat colour for Blood Orange Juice!) Happy Friday!


shannonmarie said...

I agree: That chocolate craving never goes away ... but, I'm okay with that :-)

Anonymous said...

You get juice duty on our cottage weekend...but I'm not sure I'm adventurous enough for the greens??!! I'm a 1 cream coffee addict...but I do love fruit too!!!