Monday, February 25, 2008

Raw Food, Skating and a New Pair of Shoes!

I had a wonderful weekend in Toronto; full of fun, raw food, shopping, exercise and fresh air. What could be better than that!

I was like a kid in a candy store when we went to Live. It was a real treat - I’ll give you my full review tomorrow. I also got my raweo cookies as well as other products from upayanaturals.

While shopping at the Eaton Center, I bought the girls all a new lululemon headband, Ani’s Raw Kitchen and real cute pair of red heels! I came across Ani’s Raw Kitchen at the Indigo store there. I was so excited, I started reading it right then and there, while Chris continued to browse the store (we like to go to bookstores together). I love the fact that the recipes are so simple. Sometimes raw recipe books contain ingredients that I have never heard of, or equipment that I don’t yet possess. Not in this case. This morning, I enjoyed a wonderful mug of almond mylk (although I think I am going to have to invest in a nut milk bag). The book is also full of wonderful ideas and life tips. I like her idea of trying to keep the raw food intake to 1/3 nuts/seeds/oils, 1/3 green veggies and 1/3 fruit. Think I’m going to try and follow that for the next week.

The Global Juice Feast starts this Saturday, I still need to create the perfect green juice :0(

Wish me luck... Here Chris and I are skating at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday! It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and our tummies were full of raw! Oh, and I forgot to mention, my new juicer travels well!

PPS - have to say, Chris was pretty talented with this picture!!! It is a "self-portrait", he held out his arm and snapped the photo with one hand, while holding me up with the other, as we were skating around the rink. Trust me, this was no easy task as skating isn't one of my finer skills!


qtmom said...

Great picture of you :) I am glad to hear such good things about the book..I've got a copy on hold for me at the library. I'm looking forward to reading it! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend Kathy :) You deserve so many good things in your world.

shannonmarie said...

Sounds like fun. I haven't been ice skating in years.

You're gonna love Ani's book. I got it for my birthday last year. It's one of my favorites :-)

Kathy said...

Robin - You're gonna love the book! Glad to see you getting more "RAW". Still haven't sprouted those chic peas yet, but I plan to soon!

Shannon - I do love the book, and the juicer too, as well as your blog! Thanks for the wonderful reads!