Wednesday, February 27, 2008

LIVE, Organic Food Bar

Okay, without further delay, here is my review of LIVE, Organic Food Bar:

I have to admit, this was something that I have been anticipating for a very long time. Chris and I used to eat out at a lot of different restaurants, but since going raw, it makes it a bit more difficult; not to mention that I hate paying restaurant prices for a salad.

When I first learned about a raw lifestyle last spring, I looked up "Raw Food Restaurants" on the Internet for my area. There aren’t too many. Live was listed, which is in Toronto, approximately an hour drive from my house. So, now I had a restaurant to attend, and I would somehow have to make it a special trip to try the "raw cuisine". This didn’t stop me, and I looked to the future to pick a date to attend.

I originally thought that it would be great to go for valentines day, but of course, that plan didn’t work out (too many kids!)... so, the next plan was for a weekend stay in Toronto to celebrate our Anniversary...

We arrived in Toronto on Friday night, and stayed at the Sheridan Hotel, which overlooks Nathan Phillip Square. It was perfect. We had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant on Friday (I forget the name of it - of course I had a salad). Saturday morning, we had nice freshly squeezed juice for breakfast, and I toted my lemon-water in my Raw Diva Smoothie Jug, and we hit the streets of Toronto. We had lots of fun shopping and sight-seeing... then the best thing happened!!!! Chris got hungry - actually, I got hungry sooner than Chris, guess my juice didn’t last as long as his hot-cakes! It isn’t very often that I’m hungry and have to wait for him, but Saturday was one of those days. We jumped in the jeep, and made the drive to Dupont and Spadina.

The restaurant is very quaint, and decorated in bright cheery colours. They even have cute sayings on the bathroom walls! If anyone knows me, they know that I can’t go too many places without checking out the bathrooms - especially after drinking my lemon water all morning!!

It was pretty crowded in the restaurant, but we managed to find a table close to the back, which was more romantic in my opinion; however, there was no "romance" to speak of going on at our table, unless you count my love affair and excitement over the food - it was more of a infatuation any ways, you know, the guidy excitement you feel, you can’t wait, and then before long, its over!

The staff were very friendly and courteous, and before long, we had our menus in front of us. Have to say, the decision was tough. The one REALLY GREAT thing about LIVE is that I could choose a NUT FREE OPTION! I was concerned about going to a raw food restaurant, when so many of the gourmet raw foods contain nuts, and having to miss out on some great food because of it. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE AT ALL, I didn’t miss out on a thing due to my tree nut allergy.

It was early afternoon, and I was really hungry. I think I have that condition known as "eyes are bigger than your tummy", because I ordered the Spreads N’ ‘Breads’ for Chris and I to share as an appetizer, and I ordered the Nachos Fiesta, Chris had the Pizza Pandemonium.

The food was absolutely incredible. The Spreads N’ Breads was a sample of the humus and pate for the day and sample of their different flat breads. Wish I knew what the spreads were, one spreads tasted just like tuna salad! I was very impressed. The samples of the flat bread was also amazing and has renewed my interest in a dehydrator! They even had some flatbread at the front to purchase on your way out of the restaurant! The Nacho dips were also some of the best that I have ever tasted. The Nacho chips were absolutely incredible. I don’t know how the Pizza Pandemonium tasted, must have been good because Chris didn’t share! This was the first time, eating raw food, that I stuffed myself! My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. Good thing that we had an afternoon of skating planned so that I could "work off" my lunch.

I do have one complaint about my visit. This complaint has nothing to do with the restaurant, and more to do with the author. Seems that I filled my belly so full, that I didn’t have any room for dessert. I don’t think that has ever happened in all my days as restaurant connoisseur. I could have purchased a piece of chocolate mint pie, or raw rice crispies or cheesecake to take with me back to the hotel; but I opted to save that for my next trip to Toronto, which I will have to plan very soon!


qtmom said...

OH!!!! Take me with you next time!!! unless, of course, its a romantic getaway...heehee!! I couldn't wait to read all about your experience. I'm so glad this food journey is working so well for you :)

Happy Anniversary!


Kathy said...

Robin - I will take you any time you want! I can't wait for another excuse to go!