Friday, February 8, 2008

More Snow and More Greens in the Forecast!

We have been hit with snow storm after snow storm this past week. Last friday we got over a foot of snow; together with school closures for lots of happy kids! This week, wednesday and thursday brought school closures again due to ice and snow storms. My children had school yesterday, but a downed powerline caused the schools to close early due to lack of power.

Its hard to tell by the photo, but this tree is actually covered in a thin layer of ice. After an ice-storm, when the sun shines, it is one of the prettiest sights ever. The whole world looks like glass. I have tried to take pictures of this, but it never turns out as beautiful as the actual sight.

Therefore, this week I have been neglectful of a few things; namely my blog and the mountain climb. I am hoping to get back on track, weather permitting, very soon.

Another thing that I have noticed lately, is that my body is on more of a fruit kick than a veggie kick. After reading "Green for Life" I know that lack of greens in a diet is often where raw foodists and vegans/vegetarians often fail. Therefore, I do listen to my body and eat what I crave, but when my green intake is down, I supplement with my "Raw Greens". I also purchased some for the kids, cause we all know that (most) kids don't eat enough greens!

And guess what, they are even made in my home town, Ancaster, Ontario.

Also, I have committed to March 1, 2008 to start (or at least attempt) a juice feast. It is Global Juice Feast day and there will be a lot of people starting (and I'm sure attempting) a juice feast at that time. Tigerlily and I will be among them. So, between now and then, I have some more research to do, I have to purchase a good juicer, and I have to get prepared (stock up on lots and lots and lots of fruits and veggies)! I am looking forward to it.

Busy weekend in store... lots to do when you are buying and selling your home.


shannonmarie said...

Good luck with your feast.

Anonymous said...

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