Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day Five: Juicing 101 (written by a novice)

"The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses" Hanna Rion
****Disclaimer: What you are about to read is true and has been tested by a novice juicer. We do not recommend that you try this at home, and if you do, we cannot be held accountable for any thing that may or may not happen...

Top 10 Tips I have learned regarding Juicing:

10. If you want to sleep, don't drink green juice past 7:00 pm.

9. Always juice before your morning bath! You don't want to show up to work with Celery spatter in your hair!

8. White shirts are a must not when drinking carrot juice from mason jars.

7. Much to my disappointment, bananas don't juice :0( And I really did try!

6. You get more juice from a carrot than you do from an orange - go figure.

5. They include the plunger for a reason :0) The only trick is getting it in quicker than the fruit splattering on the ceiling!

4. Equal amounts of carrot juice and green juice in a mason jar turn your juice brown, which gets more crazy looks than green juice does!

3. Avoid using too much celery in your morning juice, it may cause accidents on the way to work (see yesterday's post)

2. Avoid using too much msm in your morning lemon water, it may cause accidents of a different kind :0)


1. Always make extra juice for the people that you reside with, it will ease the grumpies that are caused by being woken up at early hours of the morning by "varooooom-chunk-chunk-crunch-varooom"

If you want to see a real cute video, check out Terilynn's video! This is her first solid food after a 93 day Juice Feast!

Today's consumption:

6:00 am - 1 litre msm and lemon and water (still at 1/2 tsp)
8:00 am - 1/2 litre carrot, cucumber and nutmeg
11:00 am - 1/2 litre green apple and blood orange
2:00 pm - 1 litre of green apple, celery, cucumber and lime
4:00 pm - 1/2 litre of carrot and celery
6:30 pm - 1 litre of green apple, celery and cucumber


qtmom said...

HI Kathy! I love reading your blog every day :) One thing I didn't catch along the way and I haven't figured out yet is this: What is msm?

qtmom said...

oh! and I LOVED this post :)

Terilynn said...


Your tips are right on! Thanks for the shout out.


Hanlie said...

Great tips and as of last night, I can attest to #10. I was so engrossed in something that I was still sipping juice past 10 pm. I think I got to sleep at a about 1 am!

Kathy said...

Robin, thanks for stopping by all the time! And I hope you like the MSM humour!

Terilynn, your's and Heidi's juice feasts were such an inspiration for me. I still love visiting your site everyday!

Hanlie, thanks for stopping by! I found that one out the first couple of days too! Boy, those coffee drinkers don't know what kind of natural "high" they are missing!