Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green Juice for St. Patrick's Day

The Green Smoothie Queen has arrived and is in full green-mode! I celebrated yesterday with green smoothies and of course, a green juice of cucumber, celery and pears.

I love how Shannon has a "raw" food night once a week, and tries to get her family to enjoy the "fruits" of her labor, so I mentioned this to my kids.... the noses immediately went up, and the thought of a "raw food dinner" didn't get too many excited responses, until I brought out the fondue pot - I figured that I'd better start out with something good!

I immediately got two thumbs up at the thought of a raw chocolate fondue for dinner (but I had to make some good old KD for back up)... This was lots of fun and I was given the okay to create a totally raw meal once a week.

And of course, my "leftover" fondue ended up in my juicer Sunday Morning!!


Keely said...

Good Job! Get those younguns involved in the raw food prep, too. Maybe assign one each week to research raw recipes and choose what you have for dinner that week!!!

Oh... By the way...

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Anonymous said...

Oops, I just noticed that you've already been tagged...! I tagged you over on my blog, too ;)