Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm "Krauting"

Our Traditional Easter Dinner, coming from a Polish Family, consists of sticks, cabbage rolls, perogy and sauerkraut. Now, years ago, my favorites and my dinner plate would certainly consist of the first three, I was never much of a sauerkraut eater.

I have heard about, and toyed with the idea of "raw sauerkraut", and this years Easter Celebration was all I needed to attempt my own. Now of course, I didn't have it ready for Easter, in fact, it is sitting on my kitchen counter as we "speak", but I am "krauting" none the less!

I had a hard time finding a raw sauerkraut recipe on the web, but I ended up basically shredding the cabbage (boy, am I thankful for my food processor) and adding salt and caraway seeds, smashing the cabbage and placing it in a mason jar. From what I read, it will be ready in three to seven days.

I especially like the idea of making raw sauerkraut because of the health benefits. I hope this recipe works well, and if not, in three to seven days, I will be looking for another one!

And of course, with all that shredded cabbage around, I just had to have an Asian Pear and Cashew Salad for dinner!

If you haven't noticed, I've finally figured out how to add the "subscribe to" button on my site! Hope it works!!! (Sometimes I'm a bit computer challenged!)


Keely said...

I checked it out and subscribed... and nothing blew up, so I think you did it right!!! [grin]

I think Bob has a recipe for "kraut" around here somewhere. Let me know if that recipe does not meet your standards.