Monday, March 3, 2008

Day Three: Apple Lemonade

“There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see" Leonardo da Vinci
Today I feel as if I have an extra bounce in my step, I feel lighter somehow, even if only mentally.

This Juice Feasting is not at all how I pictured it. I anticipated feeling great hunger, at least for the first three days, until I got over the "hump". Well, today is "hump" day, and besides the normal hunger before meals (none of which is uncontrollable) and the headache yesterday (which is still slightly there today, but manageable), this Juice Feasting is relatively easy. I do find that I am really cold all the time. I think being in the middle of a long-cold winter in Southern Ontario doesn’t help this fact. I have begun adding Organic Chai Rooibos tea to my day to help warm me up.

I was up at 5:30 this morning, and had 4 litres of juice plus an extra ½ litre for the girls (the apple lemonade) juiced and cleaned up before 6:00 am. I had my bath, incorporated my new morning routines and was out the door, feeling great by 7:45 (most mornings I’m rushing out at 7:58). I toted two ½ litres of fruit juice and one 1 litre of carrot/celery/apple juice, together with my new tea box to work this morning. The cooler was a bit too much, so I wrapped my juices in tea-towels and carted them in my PC Green Bag until I got to work, then I placed them in the fridge.
Today’s consumption:
5:30 am - ½ litre water, juiced lemon and ½ tsp msm (cutting back on the msm a little)
6:30 am - ½ litre carrot and celery (no apple!!)
9:00 am - 1/4 litre Chai Rooibos Tea
10:00 am - ½ litre Blood Orange and Apple Juice
(boy do I have to pee, Its about 10:30 am and I’ve gone 4 times already)
12:00 pm - 1 litre of carrot/celery/apple
(and I thought a litre of water and lemon made me go... thats nothing compared to a bunch of celery! Its 12:48 and I've lost track of my bathroom visits!)
2:00 pm - 1/2 litre of Blood Orange and Apple Juice
2:30 pm -1 litre water
3:30 pm - 1/4 litre Chai Rooibos Tea
5:00 pm - 1 litre of Carrot, Celery and Apple
7:00 pm - 1 litre of water.

Boy, no wonder I spent half my day in the bathroom, thats a lot of liquid! Funny how it was easier to consume the required amount of juice while I was at work, I actually found my tummy rumbling today too!

Tonight, before I go to bed, I am going to journal about the things that I would like to see, or experience, or attempt during this juice feasting experience. I did weigh myself before my adventure began, but I’m not sure at this point, whether I am going to weigh myself on a regular basis like Heidi did, or whether I will resist the temptation of the scale like Terilynn did. I don’t have to make that decision until Friday, but knowing me, I think I might be tempted....

I hope that everyone that has embarked on this amazing journey, less than 72 hours ago, is finding this wonderful journey as easy and "fruitful" as I am....