Friday, March 14, 2008

The Green Smoothie Queen once more!

Okay, Keely, I’m in.... (not that you had to talk me into it too hard!)

I’ve re-signed up for The Raw Diva’s 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge.

I won’t have to dust the dust off of my Raw Diva Jug though, this handy little jug accompanies me on most days, filled with water and slices of lemon. It will once again be filled with wonderful green smoothies come Monday.

The Green Smoothie Challenge is a wonderful way to add "greens" to your daily diet in their most natural form. According to Green for Life, they are more easily absorbed by the body when they are blended up; our bodies cannot chew and break down the greens as they once could, so when the greens are already broken down for us, our bodies can absorb all the wonderful nutrients in them.

Green Smoothies.... "does a body good!" (Sorry, have that catch phrase in my head)

The BEST part about the Green Smoothie Challenge is that you don’t even have to be "raw" to join! My dad joined me in the last challenge, and he has continued to add green smoothies to his diet every day! You can simply add one green smoothie to you day, or you could replace all your meals with green smoothies... choice is your’s! Once you sign up, you will get a letter and daily support emails from The Queen herself (trust me! Its true) filled with wonderful tips, encouragement and recipes!

So, if you want to "do your body good", hurry and sign up today... you can join me for the best St. Patrick’s day yet!

ps - if you have signed up, let me know how you are doing! I'd love to hear from you!


Kristen's Raw said...

I completely agree that green smoothies are one of the best ways to add greens to your easy, delicious, and EVERYONE can do it.

Have a super weekend!

Keely said...

Yay Kathy!!! I think I am going to try using only the diva recipes this time, so therefore will not be blogging about it. I am going to try to get caught up with everything and get back to blogging, though.

So glad you are joining us!!!

qtmom said...

Hi Kathy! I was thisclose to joining you on the green smoothie challenge. I hope its all going well for you. I am going to do the 7 day detox after Easter.