Monday, November 19, 2007

Day Five: The light at the end of the tunnel!

Detoxing is a funny thing. Even though I felt like crap yesterday, I still felt good at the same time. I can see the benefits of the detox, together with the symptoms. It is a really hard thing to explain. I actually had a craving for an apple yesterday! Don’t think that I have ever had a craving for an apple in my entire life. The thought of that late day chocolate bar or bag of chips seems to be a thing of the past. I even passed up the home-made chocolate chip cookies and muffins the girls made this weekend in exchange for a piece of fruit. I didn’t sleep too well last night, so I am still tired, but I don’t have the tell-tale bags under my eyes that I normally get with a tossing and turning. I have lost 3 pounds already!

Kristen had a friend over for dinner last night. As I was laying in bed, after serving them dinner, I heard Kristen say to her, "my mom gets all her veggies from the farmers market!" That put a smile on my face. Turns out that her friend loved the salad that we had for dinner last night so much, she asked if she could take some for her lunch at school today. Maybe I will change the world for 5 +1. But joking aside, it is nice to see the positive effects filter down through my children.

Will I get enough protein on a raw diet? Did some research online on this today, and it seems that there is more edible protein in 1 gram of pumpkin seeds than there is in 1 gram of a sirloin steak; 1 gram of almonds has more protein than the same amount of pork chop. Also, another article I read, stated that even if you are a meat eater, you should choose plant-based protein as half of your protein intake per day. This is because the protein in plant-based foods are low in fat, contain no cholesterol and supply dietary fiber. So, together with the fruits and veggies, it is important to increase the nuts, seeds, beans, peas and sprouts to make sure that I get enough protein in my diet daily. This shouldn’t be too much of problem, all these make really good additions to a salad! Also, can’t wait to try the raw ice-cream recipe from Raw Food Right Now, who would have thought you can get your protein from ice-cream?

It is a really good feeling to be on day five. I feel as though I have past the hurdle, and I have made it "over the hump". The thought of "cheating" at this point is a negative thought. I have come too far to go backwards now, and that is a good feeling. I must admit, in the beginning it was "oh, what will a few chips hurt... better a bit raw than not at all". Those "cheating" feelings are completely gone.

I am enjoying the daily support emails that I am receiving from The Raw Divas. They are great, and it is really important to have the support along the way. I also enjoy their "Health in High Heels" newsletter that is published every thursday.

Today I received my "Living on Live Food" book and dvd that I ordered from Alissa Cohen (boy that was fast). Can't wait to sit down tonight, with a big glass of lemon-water and start reading! Life is good!