Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Support Groups

My first raw food outing was a great success!

I ate my salad for dinner, and my macaroons were enjoyed also. I did have two macaroons, but I figured if that was my only slip out of cheese and crackers, home made chili, garlic bread, scalloped potatoes and ham, wine, not to mention the wonderful looking birthday cake, I did great! I also enjoyed the usual veggie tray (minus dip for me). I never thought of that before, but a veggie tray is such a common placed thing at a social function, and I can munch on that all I want.

I have developed a great support group on this journey of mine, I know that it has made all the difference between sticking to my plan or falling from the wagon.

My raw buddy is a great bonus. I really don't think that I would have been able to stay as focused last night if it wasn't for her. I find that being accountable to someone makes all the difference in the world. I want to be there to support her in her journey as well, and if I slip, how supportive and understanding can I be to her. I know that there will be a few ups and downs, but "slipping" to me, or rather once I jump of the wagon, I know that it will be very easy to give in again, and again, and I will lose focus on what got me here in the first place.

Chris has been a great support through all of this. In fact, he even joined me in my fresh-fruit breakfast this morning, he sat and flipped through my "Living on Live Food" book, and has shown a genuine interest in all aspects of what I am doing. This is a huge benefit, to have someone so close to me, not on a "raw" diet, and be so accepting and interested in what I am doing. He is setting high standards for the rest of my family (he loved the raw truffles and keeps asking when I will make some more!)

My kids are also a great help. They are willing to try new things and get excited about this journey they are on. This morning, they all stuck a straw into a coconut, with mixed taste results. This afternoon we all had pina-colada smoothies. An adventurous bunch they are!

The Raw Divas are a great source of support. After all, this is where I found my "raw buddy". They are great, and actually email you personally with any questions or concerns that you have. Amy stumbled upon my blog, and both Amy and Tera have been very supportive of all aspects of what I am doing. I find their "Powder Room" (or forums) are a great source of inspiration and entertainment, as well as a place to feel a part of a community.

I am enjoying this new journey of mine... jumping in with both feet!


Tigerlily said...

Dear Kathy,

Thanks for all the help and support you give me and everyone who reads this blog. It's great to have this sense of community with yourself and the Raw Divas forum. Sounds like you have a budding raw foodist on your hands in Chris, or at least an open mind which is all good. Tigerlily.