Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Life is full of surprises!

"I have an announcement to make...." was the greeting I got this morning while handing out smoothies, "I want to become raw too!" I am so excited that my children are seeing a positive change in me, and I am so excited that they would like to join me on my adventure.

Becoming a raw foodist is a personal decision, and I would never force, or try to talk anyone into it. The fact that she has decided on her own is a wonderful thing! I told her, that even if she went 75% raw, she would see all the benefits that it would bring. I also told her about the "Three Day Smoothie Challenge" from The Raw Divas (more on that later) and she was also very excited. I am very thankful for the relationship that I have with each and every one of my children. In fact, our relationship was compared to "the Gilmour Girls" last night.

Another nice surprise was when I was leaving the house this morning, and asking one of the girls to make sure that the smoothie maker was rinsed out really well before she went to school. I was trying to make sure that it was done, and emphasizing that it was important to me. I heard a voice speak out "its mom’s Christmas present!". That put a smile on my face, because the only place that they would have heard anything along those lines was on my blog yesterday. (Thanks Jack!)

Today is my last day on the 7-day detox. I am feeling really good. I am proud of Tigerlily and myself for successfully making it through this week! I am also thankful for the friendship that I have developed with her!

So, sorry no recipes today, not too much on the raw food diet, just an overall thankful feeling for all the wonderful things I have in my life, how much they all mean to me, and how happy I am!

(Gee, something tells me that I'm about a week too late - good thing I'm Canadian!)


Kathy said...

LOVE you sooo much mommy and i am proud of you

love Kristen