Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day Six: The Nose Knows!

Today is a great day! I have to say, that I feel as though I have successfully made it to the other side! Although last nights dinner consists of salad and fish (for the kids), I have to confess, that the fish did smell pretty good, and was a little tempting, but not enough to reverse the progress that I have made. Lunches around the office smell good too. But there are some foods, that although they smelled bad before, they are really bad now. Raw red meat is something that I haven’t been able to stomach for awhile, but now I find that even raw chicken packaged in the supermarket has a disgusting odor to it.

I noticed yesterday that my sense of smell has sharpened. Spent some time with a friend last night, who is a smoker, and I couldn’t believe how much the smell stuck to me, and how bad it was. Also, I noticed the dishwasher detergent when I loaded the dishwasher. I am hoping that this enhanced sense will have more pleasant encounters in the future!

I find that my appetite has decreased. This is probably due to the quality of food, the old quality versus quantity theory. My body can take all of the nutrients that it needs from the foods that I am feeding it; therefore it needs less. My pants are fitting really good now, but I think I’d better learn a little more about food combining (I’m sure other raw foodists will understand what I mean by that).

I must admit, that I am enjoying the peppermint truffles that I purchased from Alissa Cohen’s website (maybe a bit too much). Raw chocolate is something to be experienced! I was worried at first, because the cacao bean actually grows on a tree, but it doesn’t seem to bother me (phew!). Now I can satisfy my chocolate craving when I need to, the raw way.

I am enjoying reading other raw blogs. I find their stories interesting and inspirational. There are also a lot of great-looking recipes out there, that I can’t wait to attempt. Raw Food Right Now has a list of blogs on their website, and it is a great way to pass the time and gain some inspiration. Reading other blogs also helps me feel like I'm a part of a growing community.

Tomorrow is my first day on The Raw Divas 7-day detox, and it will be a fasting day. With the decrease in my appetite, I am prepared and ready for this one. With their daily support emails on what to expect and the 7-day detox downloads that are available, I am quite excited!

I am enjoying this new adventure that I am on, and I look forward to where it takes me next....


Amy said...

Congratulations on your amazing progress so far! Good for you!

Kathy said...

Thanks for all the support Amy! Really do love your website. If I'm ever in Montreal, I'd love to do lunch!

Kathy said...

Okay, Think I've got it, Tera's in Montreal, and Amy is in Florida (sometimes Toronto or Kingston). Either way, if ever you guys are in the area, or I'm in yours, I'd love to do lunch, you are my Raw Diva Gurus!