Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day Three: Detox?!?

They say that day number three is the hardest hurdle to get over with any major change to the system. It is a major hurdle because your system is in the stages of "detoxing", removing the bad stuff, or toxic substances from your system. Your body will eliminate meat, food additives, coffee, tea, salt, pepper, and dare I say chocolate from your system, as well as a lot of other things! Detoxing symptoms can range from a variety of things from very minor, to very major. Detoxing is a good thing. If these "toxins" are left in the body, they will eventually surface in one form or another, so it is a positive thing to eliminate them now, even though it might not be a pleasant thing.

It is important to 'baby' yourself on day three (at least that is my theory, and I'm sticking to it!). It works out well that today is saturday, I can relax, have a bath, or even an afternoon nap if I feel like it.

Today is great so far! Beginning to feel some of the benefits already. I have more energy, and my pants feel more comfortable. It is nice not to have the "I'm so full" feeling after every meal. Instead, it is a nice satisfied feeling.

When I make a salad for dinner, I tend to make a very LARGE one. My biggest downfall is afterwork, I am STARVING! So, when I get home, and am making dinner, I tend to munch! I have found over the last few days, if I have a nice big salad to come home to, already prepared, it makes the munching, and making dinner a lot easier.

Also, this morning, I hit the ground running (so to speak, no, not exercising!) I ran straight into the kitchen and whipped up some old favorites because I know that today, being around the house, will be a challenge. I made a nice big batch of my favorite guacamole to help get me through the day. I also washed and prepared all my veggies and fruit that I got from the farmers market this week. Speaking of the farmers market, I was told that you cannot put apples and pears together. That is a funny thing! Supposedly the apples go bad if they are together with the pears. Never heard of that before. Too bad my grandma wasn't around, she surely would have known that. So, I have to make a separate fruit bowl for the pears, which isn't so bad, I currently have a separate bowl for the grapes too! Boy isn't my kitchen gonna look cute with all this fresh fruit hanging around!

For breakfast, I tossed the left-over fruit salad from yesterday (strawberries, grapes, raspberries and pineapple) into a blender, added a banana and some water and ice, and voila, I had a really yummy fast, easy, no-waste breakfast. I have to say, I am impressed with how full I feel right now. It is a cold, snowy day in Ontario, and I am enjoying a nice smoothie! Life is good.

So back to the kitchen for me, and a nice easy, simple day around the house.

And I forgot to mention.... I am really proud of me! That is a really good feeling!