Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day One 100% Recommitted!

Today I have the sniffles and sneezes, the tail end of a "cold". I really don’t remember the last time that I got a cold, or the flu, seems like it has been forever. I stocked up on clementines, and with my goji berry smoothies, and that seems to have helped somewhat.

I think that my "cold" may be due to a weaker immune system due to a recent hospital trip. I also think that it might be due to the fact that I haven’t been 100% raw lately. I found that over Christmas, there were a few moments of indiscretion, as well as, after the hospital stay, I found it easier to eat "cooked" food. My sister made me a wonderful cauliflower and spinach soup, and it was a tummy filling treat the first few days after surgery.

I am making this my first day of re-committing to 100% raw! (I have probably been 75-90% lately). I am once again using my blog to be accountable for my re-commitment!

I do have to say, that maintaining a 100% raw lifestyle is relatively easy. It is much easier than I originally thought it would be. The only must for a raw lifestyle is PLANNING and PREPARING and THINKING AHEAD.

As well as 100% Raw, here is what I am committing to:

Breakfast with the kids - 7 times per week (smelling the roses!)
Taking time for me - 6 times per week
Updating my blog - 5 times per week
Green Smoothies - 4 times per week
Exercise - 3 times per week
Yoga - 2 times per week
Fast/Water day - once per week
Zero tolerance for plastic shopping bags - if I don't bring my "green" bag, I carry the goods, same goes for the kids!

That is my plan for the next 21 days!

On a personal note, listed the house last night... this is one of the few remaining "loose strings" to be tied up in my personal life. Hopefully it will sell fast, and I will find something that I love, and I will be content in all things in life!


shannonmarie said...

Hope you feel better. That's a good list of plans. Good luck.