Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Green Is The New Black"

The girls and I went on somewhat of a shopping spree this weekend. It is nice to have girls, 'cause that is what we do best! We all bought matching 100% Organic Cotton Tees. I'm hoping to purchase a lucky duck hoody soon, it looks so cute and comfy - bet my girls will all want one too! They also have the dehydrator I've been looking at. Better save up!

I like the fact that we "all match" in our organic Tees (mom even got one). I can’t remember all of us having the same shirt ever! I also like the fact that my children are becoming more health conscious and more environmentally friendly. I don't think you can adapt a raw lifestyle without it overflowing to other parts of your life. You should see my green-cart bin! The City of Hamilton offers a "composting" program, and eating raw, I can sure fill up my cart rawfully fast.

I also have them on my "boycott plastic shopping bags" crusade. Old Navy had a sale on over sized bags this weekend so I bought one for each of the girls to use as their shopping bags for the day. It worked out great. They looked so cute walking through the mall, filling their bags as we went. I told them that every time we go shopping now, they have their own bag to bring to the stores or mall. Now, if I could just find a whole bunch of canvas totes, I could create my own line of reusable bags with cute sayings, just like Shannonmarie does with her tankies! (The bags are great for smuggling raw food and smoothies into the theatre too. Took the kids to see Cloverfield last night and Kristen brought her bag!)

To end the weekend, we all went to Booster Juice and got a smoothie (even Ben came with us). The kids got really fun smoothies and I was able to find a "Cranberry Crave" on the menu that I could enjoy also. I really love cranberries!

It was a great weekend, spending time with the ones I love most in the world.

PS - The mountain climb yesterday was successful, the snow had stopped falling by the time we got there, and the stairs are designed for weather! I successfully made it to the summit and back. Thats two days in a row with no st. bernard to the rescue.

PPS- Heard on the radio this morning that today is National Pie Day, think I might have to celebrate with an Amazing Raw Applie Pie! What better excuse to experiment in the kitchen!


qtmom said...

Hey Kathy! Thats so great about walking the stairs!! I thought of you yesterday...Jack's class is on a three day field trip to this place:


The girls like so great in their new T' should've been in the pic, too!

Wonderful Wednesday to you!!

Anonymous said...

I use my presidents choice canvas bags all the time for groceries...not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are stronger and easier to carry than the flimsy plastic ones! I have seen people with the bags that match your t-shirts - I will have to keep my eyes open for those!!

PS: Love your blog - I try to check it every day!!

Kathy said...

Robin - that website looks pretty cool, and they are close too! Just might take the kids for a "moon light hike" in the woods, think that would be amazing!!! Wanna come? We could hike together and bring some great raw trailmix!

Jennifer - I love my PC bags too! I would love to get my hands on some canvas totes like our t-shirts! Let me know if you find them!

And thanks to both of you for the wonderful compliments!!!!

Keely said...


Please check my raw diva keely blog for details!