Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Mason Jar of Green Goodness

Years ago, my mother bought me a really cool Mason Jar. At the time, I thought it was an odd purchase, but it was made the same year that I was born, and she thought that was pretty nifty (I won’t be the revealer of that date - you’d have to ask my mother)! I was surprised to learn that you can be a mason jar collecting hobbyist too, wow.

She has always been good at finding "treasures" for her daughters. It was a pretty good sized jar, with a clear glass lid. I put the jar in a safe place. It is in such a "safe" place, that I will have to try and remember and have my own hunt for that treasure (thought it was tucked in the back of my cupboard, but couldn't find it this morning). Although, I know that I kept it, I am a bit of a sucker for keeping things that my mother gives me!

The reason that I was thinking about that mason jar, was because of my green smoothie.

My Green Smoothie is accompanying me more places lately, especially to work. It has always been difficult to find a container worthy of my smoothie (or maybe large enough and sturdy enough and easy to clean and spill proof - imagine exorcist vomit everywhere). The hunt for such a vessel has been daunting to say the least.

I read a blog and saw a photo with a green smoothie in a MASON JAR!


Light bulb moment!!!!

While I am on my quest to boycott the plastic shopping bag, I have also been reading a lot of articles about saving glass jars. They can be washed out and re-used for storing foods and buying bulk items (instead of the dreaded plastic containers leaking toxins on your food).

It suddenly made perfect sense to tote my smoothie in a mason jar. I am reducing and reusing and recycling, as well as providing green goodness, what could be more perfect! It also looks kinda cool!

So, if you are venturing on a Green Smoothie Quest yourself, hunt no further than your mothers or grandmothers or even your own basement to find the perfect Mason Jar! Boy, am I gonna have fun looking at antique markets this summer!

Today, this lovely jar was filled with Green and Gone Smoothie from the Gone Raw Website - if you need smoothie ideas, it is the place to check out! I substituted the Dino Kale for Spinach for my smoothie - I had the spinach at home, and it is my green of choice for smoothie making.

PS - Think I might start saving some of those other jars for my bulk food purchases, I hate the "bulk" plastic bags too!