Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Eggnog and Timbits, oh my...

Inspired by a fellow blogger (thanks Shannonmarie for the inspiration), todays breakfast consisted of Tropical fruit smoothies and Donut holes. The Donut holes were a take off of Ani Phyo's recipe. My food processor could not keep up, so more coconut was added to the base, and the dates appeared as "raisins", just like in the dutchie timbits!

They were very sweet, and not my first choice for a breakfast food, but they are wonderful and the kids couldn't believe they were for breakie. They will definitely calm the sugar beast when he comes around!

I made the recipe last night before I went to bed so that they would be ready for this morning, Laurenne asked if she could eat the "raw" dough. I said "sure, no problem with this recipe". Laurenne loves to eat raw dough and batter, and I always tell her she will get sick, something my mother told me, but with the no-cooking being done around my house, I have no problem with her sampling the dough. We both got a chuckle out of that one.

Donut Holes
2 cups almonds
3 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups dried, and soaked pineapple
2 cups pitted dates
200 grams shredded coconut

Put almonds and vanilla into food processor and blend, add pineapple, then add dates and ½ coconut. This is where my food processor couldn’t handle the load, so I emptied all into a bowl, added remaining coconut and rolled into balls. Placed into refrigerator overnight.


shannonmarie said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm glad the kids liked them.

I usually make donuts, cinnamon rolls or some version of a "baked" good for Friday mornings as a treat. The rest of the week, I start my day out with a green smoothie and fresh fruit.

These donut holes are a tad bit sweet, so I actually preferred the banana version over the pineapple. I think I'll make them with goji berries for tomorrow's breakfast.

In the future, I hope to rawify a Krispy Kreme. Yum!

Happy to hear you're conquering the sugar monster :-)