Friday, January 18, 2008

To Market To Market To Buy ...

After getting all excited about my dates and having that pear on the brain, I decided on my way home last night to grab a variety of fruit from the produce section and have a "sampling plate" at the dinner table.

This, was infact my dinner, together with a chocolate-mint smoothie. The kids loved the idea too.

On my fruit platter, I cut up star fruit, an Asian pear, cherries and added some of my dates (which I couldn’t wait to get home and eat). The star fruit was really pretty to cut up, and the taste was something that I can’t actually describe. I really don’t know of any other fruit that I could compare it too. The Asian pear looked more like a white apple than a pear, and it was really good too! The kids asked if we could have a fruit platter like that for breakfast one day. I think that is a great idea!

I got asked today if I was changing my office into a Market.

On the way to work, I decided to stop by the grocery store and "stock up" on some fruit for my office. I have been meaning to bring in a bowl and make a fruit bowl on my filing cabinet for sometime, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Today I purchased a small amount of bananas, a box of clementines and some cherries. I really shouldn’t eat the cherries, but they are really wonderful and if I take it slow, they seem okay. So, in my office, I have the nice wooden crate that the clementines came in, with bananas on top, and of course, some of my dates and cherries to top it all off.

It is great to have the fresh fruit accessible here. I find that eating raw, you tend to get hungrier sooner than you would if you stuffed your belly full of carbs and fats. Therefore, even with a smoothie for breakfast, I find that I am starting to feel hungry by about 10:30 in the morning. I usually tote some fruit in my bag together with my smoothie, but no more!

I may just have to go to the farmers market at lunch today, and see what other new discoveries I can find to fill my office and my platters at home... breakfast tomorrow will be an exciting adventure! I may even get brave and purchase a prickly pear... but have to figure out how to eat them first! Besides, I need to get out for a nice walk to smell the roses, and to remember all that I have and all that I am thankful for in life.

Took my daughter to see Mamma Mia last night. It was so much fun to spend one-on-one time with her. I told her that we will have to make it a yearly tradition. I will buy us theatre tickets for Christmas, and we will enjoy a nice show together. The show was great! I look forward to next year, wonder what will be coming to Hamilton next! I just might turn into a Broadway girl!


qtmom said...

I'm starting to check your blog here on a daily basis...I'm getting inspired :) I'm going to try that smoothie you have in the mason jar...I hope the kids will give it a try!


Kathy said...

Glad to hear I have a following (haha)! And don't fret - I usually don't post on the weekends, so you will have to wait til Monday for your next fix!

Good luck with the Green and Gone Smoothie. It is a good one, tell the kids its "dino slime" or something cool so they get over the colour!

Have a great weekend Robin! Thanks for posting a comment.