Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Loaded up with Fruit

I have to give Juice Feasters a lot of credit. I didn’t make it through the day yesterday, and I "cheated" with a clementine in the afternoon, followed by a regular dinner. I am glad that I have my Fugi apples and my clementines with me today.

I think that with proper planning, and with a variety of juice recipes it is something that I could do (can’t believe I just said that!). My buddy Tigerlily tells me that the hunger goes away after three days - that is a long time! So, this weekend, I think that I will browse some sites, do some reading and test some juice recipes. I think that having the same juice at work was a hindrance. It was good, but there was no variety. I felt tired of drinking the same juice by the afternoon. I am more of a fruit juice than a veggie juice type of girl any ways.

The best part about this juice feast and the thing that I find comfort and strength in, is know that I will once again have a buddy along the way, to hold my hand on my journey. Guess the next thing to do is set the date...

One thing that I really enjoyed yesterday was the clementine juice. This morning, I made another batch of clementines and pineapple. I didn’t strain this batch, and the kids and I enjoyed nicely blended juice with our breakfast.

On another note, I listed my house for sale on January 16th, it sold on January 23rd, conditionally until February 3rd (I have a really good agent!). So, the past few weeks my life has been pretty exciting. Just as raw food is an adventure about change and new things in life, I have another adventure and new change on the horizon. I am pretty excited about the new possibilities, the clean slate and the adventure that awaits us!


shannonmarie said...

I can't believe you'll be juice feasting, too. Who will eat my cookies?

Kathy said...

I'm considering a slightly "shorter" version than everyone else seems to be doing out there. I like your recipes too much to not partake for 3 months! :0)