Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wanna Date Mz. Goldilocks?!?!

Nice thing about a raw diet, is there is always something "new" to try.

Last night I felt like Goldilocks! On my way home from work, I stopped at the Grocer. Not my regular grocer, but one around the corner. To my surprise the door was open, I just stepped on the magic carpet and the door opened up. I went in, and I found the most wonderful produce. Somehow my eyes had been opened. I hadn't gone to this grocer in awhile since it was the "cheaper" grocer, and they sometimes carry sub-standard fruits and veggies, not the type of produce you want when changing to a raw diet.

There was a large variety of produce that I was surprised by; they carry dandelion greens, kale, Chinese pears (which I have never seen before, but will be picking up soon). Upon my travels, I came across the most wonderful box of dates. I couldn't believe my eyes! Now, this is where I truly felt like Goldilocks!

I had only previously seen (and eaten) dates in bulk. The bulk dates are pretty gooey and sweet. They are great for a variety of raw food recipes, but I find them a bit much to eat alone (unless I am having an uncontrollable sweet tooth).

The dates I bought last night weren't too sweet, they weren't too gooey, they were just right! I ate a whole bowl and went right to bed (hopefully no bear will wake me!).

I have found a new favourite, and something that I would have never imagined purchasing before. I am a happy girl today, with a new love of dates!
PS - I successfully recommitted 100% yesterday, and am now on day 2. I just have to remember all of the benefits of a 100% raw diet - and yes, mind clarity is definitely one of them!


Keely said...

What variety of dates are they? I honestly didn't know that there were tons of different date varieties until just last year.

When you have the super sweet kind again, try stuffing some raw almond butter inside (or just a raw almond) for a piece of nature's candy!!! [grin]

Kathy said...

Tunisian Dates - at least I think so, there are a lot of different names on the box, but they are SOOOO GOOD!!!

Keely said...

I'll have to see if I can get them around here! I'm addicted to Medjool Dates, but then, I don't see very many other varieties around.

shannonmarie said...

Love the post, Goldilocks. So cute :-)