Friday, January 25, 2008

Tic Tac Toe, Chocolate Macaroons to go!

It is so cold here today. It is minus 13 degrees Celsius, before the wind chill factor. However, it is really deceiving, the sun is shining over the city, creating a nice glow. If you look really closely at the city, you can see the frost on the windows, the smoke blowing from the chimneys while the furnaces try to keep up, the people with hoods and scarves pulled tightly around their faces in an attempt to keep the cold harsh winds out.

It is a nice day to stay snuggled under the blankets in bed, or sit by a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate. These are all nice visuals; however, I don’t think that I would be satisfied with a mug’o’chocolate.

It is funny how your tastes change once you have become accustom to raw foods. Even the occasional "sneak" that I do, because I use to love that food is a huge letdown. The visualization and the memory of how the food tasted is very different from the food that actually reaches my taste buds now. Deceiving, much like the view outside my window today.

I realize, and I am beginning to know in my heart (because knowing something and believing it can sometimes be two different things) that raw food is much superior in nutrition, as well as flavor and taste. I think that I need to reach this realization so that I do not feel deprived from my old favorites; and with so many raw food recipes posted on blogs and on the web, I can satisfy most cravings that I have.

This morning, I woke up early again and made my macaroon truffles. I rolled one third in raw coconut, one third in raw carob nibs and one third in raw cacao powder. I can’t wait to indulge in one of these sweet treats.

I love chocolate and I crave it sometimes. I’m not entirely sure if it is a hormone thing, or a stress thing, but I know that sometimes, all I can think about is a piece of chocolate. Raw Chocolate is one of those things that cannot compare. Last fall, when I first made my Raw Chocolate Macaroons, I discovered this. The chocolate that I cheated on over Christmas could not compete with the smooth, rich, satisfying flavor of raw chocolate.

Lately I have been craving chocolate again. However, this early morning creation, unlike yesterdays, was not enjoyed at the breakfast table. Infact, I have smuggled the cute box above to work, where it will stay in my drawer incase I need that "chocolate fix", and I have hidden the ones at home. Don’t get me wrong, I will share (evil grin), but knowing my kids, if they knew they were in the back of the fridge, lower shelf, behind the milk, they would probably be gone before I made it home from work today. And if my precious children are actually reading my blog, please save one for mom :0)

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is just around the corner.


shannonmarie said...

Yummy. Love the pic.

Keely said...

Great picture!!! Only one problem with it... I'm craving truffles, now!!! [grin]

BTW, Bob finally got the recipe for the hot dogs posted on his blog!!!

wyldegirl said...

um. . . let's share "warming care packages". . . my knit stuff for your HEAVENLY raw treats!!! i think i get the better deal! ;)
wow. . . that photo is mouth-watering. . .
xx jenny

Kathy said...

Glad you guys like the picture! You should try the recipe. Easiest thing I have ever made!

Thanks for stopping by!

sonja said...

hi,i would love to make these! can you email me the recipe (or am i missing the link somewhere?)


Kathy said...

Hi Sonja, the recipe was on a previous blog:

"easy quinoa salad and raw macaroons" November 2007.

Enjoy!!! (I know I did, they are wonderful)